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20oz Skinny White Glitter Tumbler | Sublimation Blanks

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Sublimation ready Skinny White Glitter 20oz tumblers with slide lid 



** My customers have experimented with time/temp for these skinny tumblers and they require less time and lower temp than typical sublimation blanks. For convection ovens, they recommend 300 degrees for 5-6 min; make sure you rotate halfway through. In my convection oven, I use 320 degrees for 6 minutes. If you're using a mug press, they recommended 5-7 seconds press time and wrap tumbler in white butcher paper or copy paper to avoid direct heat. light to medium pressure. Definitely make sure you have an extra tumbler to test in your own oven or press to find your own "sweet spot". Tumblers created in a convection oven require shrink wrap for best transfer of your design. **

Tumblers are double-walled, vacuum insulated tumblers and will keep any beverage hot or cold. Vacuum seal keeps liquids and carbonation fresh. 100% BPA and Phthalate Free.

** Tumblers are not microwave safe. Some dishwashers use high heat/dry cycles, possibly causing the ink to reactivate and cause running, I recommend hand wash only. **